Universal Subsidy formI contributed two images in this publication that explores the notion of Black Friday (see below) as an exercise in hermetics. The book is white, 220 pages, A4 with two text contributions by Jan Verwoert and Nato Thompson.There is no information about the authorship of the images included. You need to see the September issue of Frieze, page 87, for a list of names and their respective pages. Available at Revolver Books.  Denver Gold Rush

Black Friday is the name of a financial crisis that occurred in the US on Friday September 24, 1869. Black Friday is also the start of the Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving. The Black Friday publication plays with the mechanisms of the art economy, authorship and ownership. It is edited by Christoph Keller and contains contributions by 60 artists, authors and designers, in collaboration with the Piet Zwart Institute.