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Another Publication is a book project around the manifold perspectives on otherness. The aim of this publication is to bind together different proposals, as a strategy to approach this somewhat bankrupt term. Twelve writers were invited to contribute a text on this subject, each writing a preface to a possible book around the ‘other.’ Together, these prefaces trace different identifications and applications of the term, such as collaboration, love, aesthetics, institutional critique and globalisation. In addition, 82 artists were invited to submit a cover for this book and they, in turn, invited another to contribute an image for a cover. Each compilation of texts is framed by one single cover image, 164 in total; and from each different variant of the book only 7 copies exist. The ‘other’ referred to in this book thus keeps shifting from one possible/impossible other to the next, encouraging a mutation from the initial concept of otherness into ‘anotherness.’

Editors: Katarina Zdjelar and Renée Ridgway

With text contributions by: Mieke Bal, Dieter Lesage, Bojana Kunst, Steve Rushton, Hito Steyerl, Nato Thompson, Thomas Michelon, Frans-Willem Korsten, Jelena Vesic, Boris Buden, Jan Verwoert, Rosi Braidotti
Graphic designer: Sander Boon
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Official launch and symposium will be held at Casco Projects in Utrecht, the Netherlands on October 6th, 2007 with guest speakers Jan Verwoert, Frans-Willem Korsten and Marina Grzinic. More updates to follow.

Once again, many thanks to the writers and all of the 164 image contributors for their images!

Please see blog and website link for all images