Strange things happening everyday: Little Chloe’s Mahfouz’s Second Life

May 2-7 2006, live events everyday

Central Museum, Utrecht

Is this life after death?Within the exhibition Roam is my Home, Renée Ridgway presents her virtual avatar, Chloe Mahfouz in the world of Second Life, a (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) at Centraal Museum, Utrecht.
Roam is my Home is organized by Max Kisman, who invited 10 artists, designers, writers and musicians to show their ‘windows on the world’. Each participant has a channel that is projected in the CM exhibition space and images are constantly being uploaded. Visitors to the museum (bring your lap-tops) are asked to log in and comment on the images with text which is directly added to the images. In this multimedia event, questions addressed begin with ‘where do we feel most at home’ and ‘what is home’ at the moment?

please see Roam is my Home for more details and updates

press contact: Max Kisman