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We still need your help
Temporary Services
Do you have a section of your kitchen or home that is dedicated to stowing these excess plastic shopping bags as they accumulate? We do, and many of our friends do as well. We have begun to collect photos of people’s bag collections in their homes which we will turn into a public archive. We have some photos of bag accumulations found so far posted on our blog’s photo gallery.

Please send us a photograph of your storage recepticle or collection of excess plastic shopping bags. 300 dpi photos are required for print quality. 3″ X 5″ would be fine. If the file is too large to attach, feel free to send us files using free services like YouSendit.

We’ll also take donations of unwanted plastic bags that we can use for these projects. If you have a bunch of bags and are located in Berlin or Chicago, let us know and we can get them from you.
Photos should be emailed to: