Oneida CountryThe Cultural Analysis of Globalisation

April 2, 2008

University of Amsterdam

Ridgway presented her work and conducted a workshop for students of the Research Master in Cultural Analysis programme.

Alternative spaces, web spaces, artists associations, and networks have thrived in recent years, encouraging and enabling resistant forms of art, political and social positions. What are the means to determine value and is there any general standard with which to work? If ‘money tends to be represented as an invisible potency because of its capacity to turn into many other things… its hidden capacity for action.’ (Graeber, 2001, p. 114), how are cultural currencies cultivated? This presentation considered the production of art and its use value in the twenty-first century, along with its relationship between new media and the Internet, cultural translation witihin the art world and wealth distribution models.

Politics of the contemporary: Globalisation and Interculturality
Research Master in Cultural Analysis Programme

Professors: Sophie Berrebi and Deborah Cherry

Course guidelines: Key concepts will be explored in relation to a range of cultural instances such as museums and international art exhibitions, documentary, installation, contemporary art and the globalization of culture and politics. The inherently interdisciplinary nature of the subject requires the use of a diversified range of theoretical sources. While the presentations by tutors and seminar discussions will predominantly deal with case-studies from the visual domain, students are invited to research other areas of contemporary culture in which relations between the local and the global are seen to be at work.